It’s almost hard to believe that summer is over and already we find ourselves in these autumnal months. As days grow cooler and it becomes darker earlier having a well lit property can not only improve your time at home but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests; or prospective buyers if you’re looking to sell. 

Lighting should always be functional and provide adequate illumination where needed but it should also elevate your space and decor.  

Here are a few things to consider when planning your lighting schemes. 

  • Hallways are the first impression of a home so its important to make an impact and immediately welcome people with a considered, cosy lighting scheme. 
  • In the kitchen ensure working areas are well lit with sufficient task lighting. Why not opt for under cabinet lighting or hanging pendants above an island to create supplementary lighting where it is needed most. 
  • Layering your lighting can help to create different ambiances, depending on which are turned on, whilst also establishing zones and focal points. The addition of dimmer switches can help to control the atmosphere and intensity of the space.
  • Whether you choose pendants, wall lights or lamps, always consider the size of the room and scale of your chosen design. A large floor lamp can make a statement however styles with slim bases will be more suitable for smaller rooms and offer a way to illuminate darker corners and hallways without imposing on the space.
  • Keeping lamp bases understated allows for personality, colour and texture to be added by way of shades; whether they be bold patterned fabrics or mixed materials such as brass and glass. 
  • Don’t forget outside lighting. In addition to any decorative pieces or solar lamps in your garden consider outside security lighting as this will not only serve you but can ease concerns of prospective buyers who have safety on their mind.
  • Finally, with ever increasing energy bills don’t forget to invest in efficient lamps and bulbs wherever possible.