When investing in a house that you plan to live in for some time think not only about how it suits you now but how it might also suit you in the future. Increasingly we see buyers looking for homes that inspire and have scope for renovation; which may include offering the chance to change the layout and make it truly work for their lifestyle. This can be undertaken to various degrees from making the kitchen and living room open plan to adding an extension or loft conversion. It may also prove an interesting way to add value to a property, when the time comes to sell and move on.  

Space is, and always will be, a premium so when viewing the property keep any potential for a conversion in mind. A decent-sized, empty loft or basement could offer the opportunity to add another bedroom, bathroom, or living area. You might also want to consider the garden area and whether the home could be extended or an outbuilding added without degrading the outside space. 

Alternatively perhaps the layout can be improved with a few changes. Often, homes with unconnected rooms can be transformed into an open-plan layout. Lookout for properties where there is a small kitchen next to a large dining room, that could be knocked through, or a small room next to the main bedroom that could be transformed into an en suite or dressing room. 

Another way to update and potentially future proof your home would be its energy efficiency. Perhaps you might have previously disregarded homes that have a lower EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating however on occasion these can present an area to add value, and following Rishi Sunak’s Spring Statement in March, adding energy-saving devices and materials such as solar panels and roof insulation is looking to become easier. Now that VAT has been scrapped on a range of devices, making energy improvements to a property may be less costly than you initially thought.

Of course, don’t forget when making structural changes its important to look into planning permissions to ensure you can make them.