The housing market once again exceeds expectations as current research suggests that in 2022 almost a third (31%) of properties are now receiving offers within an hour of being viewed; compared to a mere 7% in 2018.*

 Over a five-year period, almost one in five (17%) properties received an offer within one hour of a viewing. An even more notable 7% of buyers made an offer on a property without attending an in-person viewing, according to data from MPowered Mortgages.*


The data also outlined that properties receiving an offer in a day is up over the same period, rising from 26% in 2018, to almost half (48%) by 2022. Around 12% of homes have received an offer without a viewing this year, which could be a result of social norms shifting in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, where remote/virtual viewings became the new normal.*


Strong demand and competitive buyers


To find out more about current buying behaviour, the fintech mortgage lender has launched a House Pace Index, driven by market conditions, government intervention within the property market, and consumer behaviour of wanting to ‘buy now’.


The research revealed that 38% of properties that have been placed on the market in the last five years received an offer within the same day of a viewing, with only 14% securing an offer after a second viewing.


The data also suggests that the younger generation are most prepared out of all age groups to take a more eager approach, with 18–34-year-olds acknowledged as most likely to adopt this mindset towards house buying. Some admitted to making an offer before seeing a property, in comparison to just 5% of 35–54-year-olds.


The average age of a first-time buyer in the UK currently sits at 34, with the study further suggesting the younger age group being quick to act could be down to a lack of experience, coupled with fewer mortgage deals available on the market.


Tunnel vision


The data from Mpowered Mortgages also showed that, before making a first offer, buyers are seeing an average of three properties, while 40% of buyers only view two properties before deciding to make an offer on the home they set their sights on.


Pressure on buyers


The market is seeing historical rates of activity as buyers race to secure their ideal property in the midst of a imbalance between supply and demand. The current market climate and data findings show that offers are being made extremely quickly, despite common belief that a ‘slow-down’ is on the horizon.


Stuart Cheetham, CEO at MPowered Mortgages, commented:


“The race to find a home can be a daunting prospect even more so now in an environment where mortgage rates are rising as part of the cost of living. Of the many hurdles a homebuyer faces, one element that can be largely controlled is the certainty of their mortgage and this will be even more important as rates continue to rise.” 


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