When it comes to December there tends to only be one word on everyone’s mind: Christmas. However, getting into the festive spirit doesn’t mean your plans to sell your home have to be paused. 

With people up and down the country having time off and spending time at home, it appears each year a captive audience of buyers is created. In fact, last year Rightmove recorded its busiest ever Boxing Day and in addition the week between Christmas and New Year saw buyer demand increase 23% in comparison to the previous year. 

Here are a few things to consider if selling, or thinking about selling, in December 

  • Feel free to deck those halls, just ensure they are in keeping with your space so that they inspire a homely feel but don’t detract from the space itself. Its important not to neglect the outside. Lights can add a touch of Christmas spirit and create a great first impression for viewers.   
  • Whilst its nice to decorate, plan for your home to be photographed without decorations so that they can be used throughout December and into the new year. If you are particularly proud of your decorations you could mention this to the estate agent as they may want to come back to photograph a few rooms with decorations for social media marketing. 
  • Be flexible where you can. People tend to get busy with last minute plans during the festive season so be prepared for buyers to change their plans and rearrange viewings. 

Remember, even if you would prefer to wait until the new year to sell there is no harm in getting a no obligation valuation for your property ahead of time so you have time to consider over Christmas. 

Lastly, from your chosen estate agent and mortgage broker to solicitors its worth knowing who you are planning on working with so when you are ready they will be too.