Why January is a great time to sell  

January is a time of renewal, after shaking off the tinsel and pine needles, it’s the time to return to everyday life with intentions of improving it – which is why plans for moving often come into fruition at this time of year. If you have some reservations about putting your house on the market so soon after Christmas, here are a few reasons why in fact, January could be the perfect time to sell…  

New Year, new home  

Buyers on the market at this time of year tend to have a different mindset than usual. January can feel like a page turned, with plans for a new life right in the margins. People looking for a home at this time are serious about their plans, and if your home happens to match their criteria; you may be in luck.  

Boast your home’s best features  

Many buyers will look for a home in the winter. Not only to avoid the summer frenzy, but also because cold weather is far more revealing. However, this is a great window of opportunity for sellers. You will be able to showcase the comforts of your home so that your bright, warm and welcoming house contrasts against the dark and cold. A cosy refuge from the cold that holds up nicely in the winter is bound to look even better when the weather cheers up, and this prospect is certain to draw in buyers.   

On the move  

In the wake of the festive season, January is known for being the busiest time of year when it comes to employment changes. With many people working from home, a new job may be the push needed for a change of working environment; instead of moving offices, people may be moving to new homes with better office space.   

Now is also the perfect time for first-time buyers to take their first step onto the property ladder. After spending Christmas indoors with family or in a small apartment, a change in environment could be just the thing they need.   

Less competition  

When the seasonal lull is wearing off and fewer properties are on the market you may not need to fight for buyers’ attention, and the imbalance of supply and demand could be great news for sellers. It’s also easier to make your home stand out from a (smaller) crowd of homes on the market, and if yours has something special to offer, it hopefully won’t stay on the market for very long.   

The green element  

EPC ratings are becoming increasingly important, and the cold weather will allow you to show off your home’s energy efficiency. Buyers are becoming more conscious about energy bills and individual environmental impact at the moment, and a cosy property with an impressive EPC rating has never been more attractive to buyers than right now.