Interior design is more than just dressing up a property to look nice, it’s about making your house feel like home. Throughout 2022, we saw hundreds of interior design trends filtering into our homes across the UK – from classic throwbacks to hypermodern and minimalist – now we can reflect back on these trends and look forward to what we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the months to come.

Hideaway home offices and private spaces 

From many of our learned behaviours since the pandemic, working from home continues to be integral to the way our property looks and functions. Hideaway offices that are completely separate to the rest of the house offer a healthier work-life balance – a far cry from working at the kitchen table back in 2020. 


Luxury monochromatic 

For a sleek, minimalist aesthetic, monochromatic patterns and palettes will be an ongoing trend stretching far beyond 2023. This style is simply made for bathrooms and kitchens, offering a clean and modern look.


Arched doorways and windows have become big news in extensions and renovations, with gentle curves softening the clean-cut edges that have proliferated for so long. Moving away from sharp corners and straight lines, softness has become very contemporary in recent years, with home designs seeing relaxed, stripped-back styles replacing the bold and edgy. 


Wavy wood 

Soft and curved wood is the modern interpretation of the humblest of materials, implementing a stylish, smooth spin on one of nature’s roughest textures. From curvy coffee tables to smooth seating areas, nature-inspired homes can swap out rustic textures for something sleeker and more refined. 



Vintage furniture

Fast furniture might be on the way out, as the lack of longevity for these highly accessible pieces creates waste. With the increase in planet-consciousness vintage furniture is a way to keep the cost down and find beautiful, high-quality furnishings without having to overspend. 



Lavender is making a lot of noise in the interior design scene, and for good reason. The balanced, soothing tones make it a versatile colour for decorating – whether it’s used as an accent or as a statement. The sweetness of the pink and coolness of the blue make for a happy medium that can be implemented into all areas of the home for a subtle pop of colour that doesn’t steal away the whole show. 


Statement stone 

From classic marble countertops to romantic rose quartz coasters, stone finishes make a fantastic statement. These natural, or natural effect, materials with their glossy surfaces and muted hues will be making a welcomed comeback into 2023.  


Bringing back the 70’s 

The 1970’s influence we’ve seen on fashion runways lately has clearly translated into the interior world, and it’s no surprise that the earth tones, biophilic design and low-slung furniture of this era will be remaining on trend in our homes; albeit with a modern twist.