It is a pattern that repeats itself time over time but spring is one of the most popular times of year to market and sell a home. Traditionally it presents an increase in those looking for a property which assists in procuring the best possible price with the quickest turnaround. 

This year, with the uncertainty of the end of 2022 giving way to a more stable market, the pent up demand for moving an perhaps more realistic pricing seems to be securing optimised and motivated buyers.

When it comes to the appeal of the home itself, and that all important first impression, spring cleans have likely taken place and bank holiday DIY completed whilst gardens have bloomed and bright sunshine has appeared, all helping to showcase both the inside and outside of a property at its very best.

Further, spring’s warmer, dryer and longer days, offer practical and favourable viewing conditions with buyers not having to battle with dark, cold or wet and as such are likely more willing to leave the comfort of their homes; which often leads to less cancelled viewings.

Looking ahead, with the time it takes for a property to go from an offer to completing, for homes sold now moving dates are likely to be dryer and warmer than winter days; hopefully presenting an easier move day which is always an attractive prospect. Additionally all parties tend to be motivated to finalise ahead of the height of summer, with its possible holidays and heatwaves, or the new school year.

Don’t forget its as important as ever to be informed. Maybe you’re ready to sell now or maybe its only just begun to be an idea either way booking in a free, no obligation market appraisal of your property, with one of our agents, could help to firm up your decision and plan for the immediate future and beyond.