Are you thinking of selling your home but worried about how long it could take? The sale time may not be as long as you think. There are many different factors that can affect the speed of a sale, including pricing strategies, local market conditions, and property type. Let’s take a look at the current average sale times of a range of property types and how you can help secure a sale in good time.  

Two-bedroom terraced houses are selling  quickly 

According to Zoopla’s November 2023 study, two-bedroom terraced houses sell faster than any other property type, with an average sale time of just 28 days.* This is primarily attributed to the fact that they are one of the most affordable property types, as well as being relatively rare, accounting for just over 8% of properties on the market recently.* Three-bedroom terraced houses and three-bedroom semi-detached houses sell the second quickest, in just 31 and 32 days on average respectively* whilst flats take between 35 and 37 days on average, depending on the number of bedrooms.* 

Larger properties are not far behind 

You might expect sale times for larger properties to be much higher. However, the average sale time for a four-bedroom semi-detached house is just 39 days, with a terraced property containing the same number of bedrooms taking just two days longer.* Three-bedroom detached houses take 43 days to sell on average, whilst the property type included in the study that takes the longest time to sell, four-bedroom detached houses, takes just 47 days on average.*  

The market has stabilised 

The more eagle-eyed individuals may notice that these figures show an increase in average sale times compared to Zoopla’s 2022 study. However, this is attributed to the housing market stabilising after the pandemic. Sale times are still relatively fast and should definitely not deter anybody considering selling their home. 

What you can do to secure a sale quickly 

There are several things you can do to help ensure that your property sells quickly and smoothly. Firstly, its important to choose the right agent, you need to not only get along with them but also know they will work as hard as they can for you.

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